Friday, March 22, 2013

For all Sensitives, Intuitives, Psychics, Healers, Artists, Trauma and Near Death Survivors, Etc.

By Sunhee

Sensitives, intuitives, psychics, healers, artists, post traumatic stress sufferers and people who have had near death experiences can often experience uncomfortable symptoms that arise from their sensitivity.  Some individuals may even suffer from anxiety, panic or the feeling that there is something seriously wrong with them, i.e. when they are picking up on the energies around them. If this describes you, and you have concurrent physical ailments, please know that mental stress can block healing.  For example; if you were to have a tooth ache and talk to your ex boyfriend who was abusive, you may find that your toothache becomes worse or you recover from it more slowly.

If you feel your healing progress has become stalled and you are not getting better, try writing down all the things, people or places that do not really make you feel good or bring a smile to your face. You want to heal, after all.  So begin to ask yourself; “Why am I not healing?”  The answer could be because you are giving of yourself and your energy to so many people without receiving anything back in return. Possibly, it is easier for you to be honest with others,  tending to them and helping out as much as possible, than it is for you to tend to your own ailments and issues.  If so, it may be time to rid yourself of the negativity and the people who do not appreciate you.  Block them from your personal circle. You can still love from a distance.  Choosing to love from a distance will not make you a bad person nor give you bad karma. It simply means that you are making a choice not to get drained for one more day. 

To further help you bring positivity into your life, begin to separate the things that make you feel good from the things that make you feel bad. It may even help you to clean out the closet, change the house around, delete old phone messages, and let go of focusing someone who barely acknowledges your existence. Yes, you may be a teacher or healer at heart, but you will just frustrate yourself if you attract or hang onto others who are not willing to be healed or taught anything. And, don’t you want to see progress in this regard? Don’t you want to see the benefits of healing people who really accept your gifts, your love and your self worth? This is preferable to acting out a past issue, while hanging onto individuals (or remaining in communication with them) who are not on the same page as you are.

Yes, I understand that you feel empathy for these individuals. You feel empathically connected to them and feel their thoughts and emotions.  However, what good is this use of your empathy doing for you?  Are you getting the job that you want? Are you getting your bills paid?  Are you focused on getting better?  Are you taking the long walk that you planned or have you put that idea on the shelf because you feel too depressed? Maybe part of why you feel depressed is because you are constantly around takers.

This said, before you go and diagnose yourself with depression, make sure you are not surrounding yourself with a bunch of jerks or people who are taking advantage of you. Become the leader of your own path, instead. Remember, no one is to blame, but there are choices you can begin to make. If you keep doing something and its not working or getting results, then change it.  Actions have to match words which have to match feelings which have to match thoughts and intentions.  So, become more Self-loving.  Be Self-ish and pamper yourself to gain more confidence and strength. Then, disburse your energy out into your environment in healthy ways.

Wearing others negative emotions or the ailments of people who don’t want to change or take care of themselves will only drain you.

As for myself, I am and will always be a giver.  But I choose to give to those who appreciate me, treat me with kindness, and respect me. If that is conditional, then so be it. But as a healer, I will only be around people who are on the same page as me. I want to be around real love and people who love themselves. This will include those who are in my circle of friends and family because I feel calm when people are on the same wavelength. This has to do with jobs, business partners, family, friends, and lovers.

So, for you, do the same with every aspect of your life, and you will begin to manifest your dreams and goals. You will accomplish them with the positive energy that you exude from loving yourself.

Love you all, Sunhee

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